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Denise Punger MD FAAFP IBCLC

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In lines with my plans to be a resource center...

For your convenience we are retailing products in our office that are frequently requested by our patients, good for your health, but hard to find in person. We offer knowledgeable and professional support. Click on hyperlinks (product name) to learn more about the products. 


Pumps and Breast Care Supplies
Medela and accesories
Cloth Diapers and Feminine Products
      My Articles Discovering Cloth Diapers
                      Huggies or Pampers
Bummis  Diaper Covers, waterproof bags
Bumkins  All-in-ones, diaper covers
Baby textile flat diapers (The white rectangles!)
Lunapads  Natural Menstrual Products
            How to use   
Skin Care   
Other Essential parenting Items
Padded and non-padded slings
Child sized-doll slings made
   by Regena
Other Requested Items
Baby Safe Feeder (Regena's Uncle patented these!)
Pediatric Ear Piercer
High Quality, Balanced Nutritonal Products and Services
Reliv Vitamins
Intracellular Vitamin Analysis
Spectracell vitamins

Cloth Diapers Have Come Along Way

A sling for me, too!

Sleeping Comfy

Happy in My Dipes

Also in line with a my goal to be a resource center 10% of proceeds of in-stock items (excluding vitamins) is donated back to charitable organizations in our community

In Stock Price List

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