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Denise Punger MD FAAFP IBCLC

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Call us at 772-466-8884
She is our office manager and can help you with questions, insurance forms, reimbursement, etc...
She can also e-mail or fax you a new patient package including directions. It takes about 20 minutes to fill out the forms, even longer if two family members are being seen. You can bring them back with you for less paper work time in the office. It helps us if you are thorough. Most insurance companies require the information we ask as part of documentation.
New patients should arrive at least 20 minutes early so  you and reception can complete your paper work. If it is your first time coming to the office, allow yourselves time for traffic and getting lost.
Bring in all current meds. Please.
Be familiar with directions.  
Lactation Consultations
Both mother and baby will be seen together.  
As a Family Physician and an IBCLC, I consider the overall picture including medical concerns.  
A full hour may be alotted to allow me time to observe and evaluate latch and position. Bring your pump, supplemants and any other equipment you have questions about. Big problems can often be prevented by coming in sooner rather than later.
Prenatal appointments are very productive, especially for a mother who has never breastfed before.
Not all visits may be considered in network, but most go through and we file almost all of them.



The Hallway
I saw another medical office take a picture of an attractive mural in its hallway for their flyer--their selling point. I got the idea to take a picture of what's in my hallway--Our accomplishments!!
Nothing is wrong with artwork, either. You can get a sample of MY birth art and  photography in my lactation room.
My sister made the belly cast of me when I was 28 weeks. Some of my favorite photographs are hanging, including breastfeeding photo of me taken by my sister, and pregnancy and birth photo taken by my son. Several breastfeeding and pregnancy photos I have taken of friends are on dispaly.  We want you to feel like you get to know us!!


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