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Quotes from my kids...

After my son turned four... I was concerned that he was getting too many expensive, unnecessary gifts. I wanted him to enjoy what he was given, but wanted to teach him what was important. After turning the lights out, we were cuddling in bed, I asked him, "William, do you know what the most important gift of all is?" Without a hesitation he stunned me,"LOVE," he said. I was very proud of him as we cuddled. After he thought about my question a little more he said "Mom, breastfeeding is love," and he nursed to sleep.


Recently my sister broke the news to us that she was pregnant with her third. This had come as a big surprise to her. She had carefully planned the first two to be over four years apart, she was happily nursing her 9 month old (and did not want anything to interfere with her supply), and her husband had a vasectomy!
Despite all this, and the contemplation of tandem nursing two under 15 months, she is excited. When I asked my five-year-old nephew what he thought of having all these babies in his house, he replied, "It's OK breastmilk is free."


William (almost five!) insisted on watching a movie instead of playing with me, tonight. So, I told him that I was going on the internet. Then I realized that I always say that I am going to use the computer and I asked him, "Do you know what 'internet' means?" "Of course, mom," he answers, "it is where you go to learn how to breastfeed."

I have a twiddler. My son has to hold "Bowie." Bowie is his friend, the bow on my bra. Sometimes I wonder if he likes it more than the milk. When I come out of the shower, he wont nurse while I am still in a robe or towel. I want you to put on Bowie. He will go to my draw and actually pick his favorite bra. He will have a near-tantrum if I am delayed getting dressed. He holds Bowie with his thumb and index finger and talks to Bowie, I Love You, kissing it before he latches.


I also learned another hard way how important Bowie is to him. I just purchased new bras. They were the same size and style. I didnt open the box until I got home. I could not believe itNo Bowie! We will be going back to the department store today to find Bowie.

"We are learning about mammals at my house. Scott (3yo) wakes up and pretends, "Mama, I am a calf and I want my mama cow." Later we read Stellauluna, "Now I am a baby bat and I want my mama." After reading Baby Whales Drink Milk, "Baby whale wants his mama whale." After reading about birds he asks me to put spaghetti (worms) in my mouth and drop it in his while he tilts his head back. He doesnt understand why birds and fish cant have their mamas milk. He has even cried a little about this. This is just another example of how my son shows that mlk is more than newborn nourishment!"


Four year old William is definitely in the holiday spirit. He keeps asking me how long until Santa..."How many more night-nights turns until Christmas?"


I have a lingering type of breastfeeder. One of my tricks (to slow him down) was to strategically place him in a cuddling-type position so that he could not see the TV. I was hoping he would be distacted by the sounds and the action of his favorite movie to pop-off, go back to viewing, and give my breasts a break fromm constant nursing. Anyhow, he was lingering and lingering-staring into my eyes, transfixed. Finally he exclaimed, "I could see Woody and Buzz in your glasses."

You should never be embarrassed to breastfeed in your own home, right?

Well, when Scott was born, William always wanted to nurse at the same time. I was lucky to have help in my house. However, I felt ridiculous constantly having two piglets nursing and having this girl see me tandem nursing. To ease my tensed feelings, I one day asked her to try to distract William from nursing so much. Tempt him with other things: games, snacks, etc...Nothing worked. I asked her if she had any of her own suggestions on how to wean him.

Her response was quite a surprise... "I breastfed until I was six." So she was no weaning help, but I could relax after that.

As a breastfeeding educator I often remind new parents that their newborn will nurse for many reasons other than just hunger.

My four-year-old reminds me of how true this is. He says,
I want to be warm and cozy.
I want to be like a baby.
I just love mamas milk.
I am tired.
It will make me feel better.
I have a boo-boo.

My two year old adds
Its like chocolate milk!


Too Smart

As usual, I am reading email late at night. My son comes in and asks for night-nights. "Just a minute," I tell him. He gets upset and throws a tantrum on the floor, "I don't want to wait just a minute, I want MY night-nights now!!"

"OK...(hating to delay him anymore, but knowing I would fall asleep nursing) Let me brush my teeth and get some water." I finally get to the bed. Where is William? I called for him. I look for him. I find him with dad on MY computer playing airplane games.

"Hey dad, we tricked her!! She is off the computer. We can play now."


"Your stupid."
"No, Your stupid."
"Mama's milk made me smart."

"No, It made me smarter!..."

"My soup is delicious, but my night-nights are good for me, too."

William wants me to watch movies in the living room and cuddle with him. Scott wants me to cuddle with him while he nurses and watch his movie. What do I do? Scott explains, "William is too big. He doesn't need night-nights anymore, so watch  my movie!"

Jokingly, I said to my oldest at a time when he was not satisfied with the amount of milk, "You know there is medication to take to increase the amount of milk?" He got even madder. For a four year old who has never needed much medication he suprised me again, "I do not want medication, yuck!" Quickly his eyes brightened when I explained that I am the one who takes it.
What do you think the first word both of my sons(when they were three) could recognize by site?
I thought my first knew this because I was studying for the IBCLC exam and carrying around a text with breastfeeding in bold letters all the time. But my second recently learned how to recognize this big word also.

Sometimes William doesn't nurse, but for comfort he will give me a big hug with his cheek next to my breast and say, "I just love mama's big, fat night-nights!"
Other times he will sniff through my shirt and tell me that he smells yummy milk! (I can't smell anything.)
"Oh Mom! What big night-nights you have."
[You could predict what he wants you to say....]
"Oh! The better to give you milk!"
Late night conversation with William...

"Mom, I am glad I am not a girl."
"Because when you get a baby in your belly it hurts [to give birth]."
"But William, Do you know what Mom can do for at least 3-4  years  
      (that Dad can't do) to counterbalance the pain?"
"Breastfeed?! Oh Mom! you can do that for at least 13 years to
      make it more worth while.  :))"
From Scott: "Mom I wish I had two heads, so they can both nurse and I can feel extra good.
From Mom  "Scott sometimes I wish you had to heads so you would be done faster.



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