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Denise Punger MD FAAFP IBCLC
and other quotes from my kids"
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and other quotes from my kids"
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Wonderful things they say...

William likes to figure out how old his friends will be when he gets to be a certain age:
"When I am 17 my cousin, Zachary will turn 18. When I am 18, he'll be 19. But when I am 19, we have a problem ... He'll be an adult."
I am reminding William that the midwife comes tomorrow and to be good when
she is here. William says, "What's a midwife?"  I remind him that she
delivers the baby. Darn, he's so smart-- he says, "SHE DELIVERS THE BABY or
the baby comes out on it's own." It also dawned on William that I will be
(almost) naked when the baby is born. Giggling away he says, "All your
friends are going to see you naked, hahahahahahaha." And of course, "Will
the baby be naked, too."

Scott does not get it that I don't have male parts. "Mom is the baby going
to come out of your penis?" "No I don't have one.
He doesn't get it, "Is it covered by the hair?" "No." "Did they cut it off
when you were a baby?" "No." "Is it invisible?""Well, how do you peepee..."

Last story time we went to at the library, the storyteller asks Scott to come up to help.
She says, "In my envelope is the best present you can ever give anyone and
it is free." Scott opens the envelope. Pulls out a library card and says, "
A Credit Card!!!" The parents were cracking up. The story teller says, "No."
Scott says, "Oh a drivers license." He was just a comedian.

I was wearing a nice islet maternity shirt. For once I wasn't just wearing a
plain old shirt. (Frugal dh, actually let me get two descent shirts.) A 
wild-child named Scott got something caught in a hole on the islet and tore
the shirt in half while we were out (in front without a seam). LOL. I
borrowed a stapler to hold it together until I got home. I should just stick
with plain cotton shirts.

"William what will you do if you are the only one home when the baby wants
to be born." So helpful ... "OH NO, I am not going to rub your back, it
takes too long for the baby to be born."

Both of them, "Mom is your stomach going to stick out to Mars."

About belly casts, William who has had a previous broken arm and finger
says, "Why do you need that, do some ladies break their bellies when they
are pregnant."
I felt good about sucessfully packing  twelve large boxes to prepare for our move, I wanted to reward myself and family by going to the beach. I am
looking all over for my sun glasses. Not finding them, I ask Scott if he seen them. "Oh yes,  mom, they are in one of those boxes!" 
When William broke his arm, the doctor and nurse came in to the room. Equally they were supporting his arm to cast it. "Hey," he says, "Which one of you is the doctor."


After reading a book about moose to the boys and I explain that moose and reindeer are the same, "But Mom, reindeer can fly..."

John is on his way out to the strore explaining to William that he is going to help Santa. "Why Dad. Can't we let Santa just get the stuff and we save money."

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