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Detached Birth

Two birth stories--the first vaginal birth and the first cesarean that I was "priviledged" to watch when I was sixteen. No one should have a birth experience like these.

A Doula Religion

About saving your birth

A Physician's Personal Experience with a Doula

The birth story for my sons William and Scott. My case for having a doula attend your birth. This story was written for Mother to Mother and also appeared in Midwifery Today's Birthkit newsletter.


Reflections of My Obstetrical Training

I was on an obstetrical track and I finished residency with no exposure to midwife's, natural birth, and birth centers. This problem is typical of physician training. This story  was also written for Mother to Mother and then was published in Midwifery Today.

My Pregnancy and Labor is no Picnic For Dad

My husband has a turn to talk about my pregnancies. This story was also in Mother to Mother.

David Stuart's Prenatal Care

I have given my heart to support the birth community. What a surprise for me to find out not all communities are the same.

37 weeks-- A Poem

It's Toes


A surprise double footling breech birth at home! This story is the version in Midwifery Today's Birthkit newsletter, Winter 2004 and in Mother to Mother, April 2004.

My Midwife's Story

I am so honored that  my midwife, Lori Midwife LM, wrote a story about my birth from her point of view. This story will also be in Mother to Mother, April 2004.

Surprise Footling Breech Born in a Hospital

by Pam Llewellyn, CD(DONA)
After David was born I entertained the idea of what could have happened if I was in the hospital when his breech position was discovered. Some readers of my story thought I was exagerating when I said "I'd be barbarically cut open." Some thought I'd been just as well or better  off in the hospital. Even Obstetricians and hospital employees insisted my midwife should have called the ambulance after they read my story.... So much lost for this mom who had an "emergency cesarean." So much of the art of birth lost to fear and litiganeous society...
Pam has given me permission to post. Direct comments and thoughts to Pam

Rain Rosemary's Birth, Photo Essay by Denise Punger


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