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Denise Punger MD FAAFP IBCLC
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Diplomate, American Board of Family Practice




Coquelet & Punger Family Medicine P.A., Ft. Pierce, Florida -- July 2004 to present, Comprehensive office-based Family Medicine with an emphasis on educating the public about the benefits of breastfeeding and  including (but not limited to) the medical management of special situations involving the breastfeeding dyad. 

Past Positions:

Martin Memorial Medi-Center at Hobe Sound, Hobe Sound, Florida, August -1995  September 2002 (outpatient primary and urgent care, babies to seniors, workmens compensation, multicultural)

EDUCATION: Residency Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia, May 1,1993-April 30,1995

Internship Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia, May 1,1992-April 30,1993

Medical Education Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia, School of medicine, Class of 1992, M. D.

College University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, B.S., Biology, 1987



Florida (1995), Georgia(1993)


Fellow of American Academy of Family Physicians (1999)

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (10/2000)


American Academy of Family Physicians(since 8/1992) 

Florida Academy of Family Physicians(since 8/1995)

Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine (since 3/2000)

Medical Associate of La LecheLeague International (since 3/2000)

International Lactation Consultant Association (since 1/2001)

Florida Lactation Consultant Association (2/2001)

Childbirth And Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA)-- (8/2002-to present)

International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN)--(8/2004-present)

Florida Parent Education Association (FPEA)--(2004--present)


Sardis Medical Associates, Sardis, Georgia, May and June, 1995

Georgia Regional State Hospital, Augusta Georgia, December 1993-June 1995

Emergency Room Moonlighting during Residency

National Emergency Services:

 Jefferson Hospital, Louiseville, Georgia,, October 1994- January 1995

Jeff Davis Hospital, Hazelhurst, Georgia, April- June 1995

Costal Emergency Services:

Putney general hospital, Eaton, Geoorgia, October- November 1994

Spectrum Emergency Services:

Jasper Memorial Hospital, Washington, Georgia, March - April 1995

Advanced Medical Services:

Minnie Boswell Hospital, Greensboro, Georgia, May- July 1994




Mother to Mother, Publication of Gentle Spirit Doulas, inc., Contributer and Medical Editor

Treasure Coast Breastfeeding Task Force ( Executive Board since 6/1999), Chairman (2001-2002)

Women's Center of Martin County, Board of Directors (June 2001-September 2002)

Martin County La Leche League (since 8/1998)

Martin Memorial Baby Friendly Committee(2003)

Toastmasters (Fall 2003-2004)



Reflections of My Obstetrical Training

  • Midwifery Today, Spring 2003
  • Mother to Mother, Fall 2002

A Physicians Personal Experience with a Doula

  • Mother to Mother, Fall 2002 
  • Midwifery Today's Birthkit, Fall 2003
  • Attachment Parenting International, Annual Baby Issue, Winter 2005

It's Toes

  • Midwifery Today's, Birth Kit, Spring 2004
  • Mother to Mother, Fall 2000

The Awesome and Powerful Sensation of Crowning

  • Midwifery Today's, Birthkit, Winter 2004

Fun Ways for Dad to Bond with their Babies

  • Mother to Mother, Winter 2004
  • Lactation Currents, July 2004

Importance of Continuous Doula Labor Support During Labor   (scroll down after clicking journal title)

Breastfeeding Success Stories (see nav bar)

  • Mother to Mother, Fall 2004

Screening Tests: Not Worth Triple the Trouble

  • Midwifery Today, Spring 2004

My First Year of Homeschooling

  • FPEA Almanac (Florida Parent Educators Associations), Spring 2004

Review of the Examination of the Newborn-CDROM, 9/2001, Journal of Human Lactation

Review of the Breastfeeding Grand Rounds, New York, State University, 5/2000, Journal of Human Lactation

Review of the THE HAPPIEST BABY ON THE BLOCK, 9/2003, Journal of Human Lactation

                                                   And More.....


Gwinnett Hospital System, August 1982- August 1988, The first year I was a

Unit Secretary and Nurses Assistant in the Newborn Nursery at Joan

Glancy Hospital. This high school job was very inspirational to pursue medical school and study preventative medicine.


Workmans Compensation Certificate Course (1995), BLS (2000), ACLS (2000)

Mother of three breastfed boys.   Adhere to the code of ethics set by The International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners including those provisions of the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes which pertain to health care workers. Support the Mother-friendly Initiative.

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Denise Punger MD FAAFP IBCLC
4640 S. 25th Street
Ft. Pierce, Florida, 34981
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