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Denise Punger MD FAAFP IBCLC

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Slings (padded and non-padded)                                            $40.00

               Non-padded has a pocket


Child size doll sling                                                                  $22.00


Diaper Products


Diaper Service Quality prefolds (the white retangles)           $2.25


Bumkins All-in-Ones

                        White                                                               $16.00

                         Print                                                                $18.00


Bumkins Covers          white/print                                         $12.00/$14.00


Terry/Flannal Flat Diaper                            Small/Large           $24.00/$28.00


Bummis Covers

                        White Whisper Wrap (Velcro tabs)                $9.50

                         Print Whisper  Wrap  (Velcrotabs)                $11.00

                         Snap Wrap                                                       $10.00

 diaper doublers available                                                           $2.25


Citric diaper pail freshner                                                        50cents

 Large Waterproof bag                                                          $14.00


Pumps and Accessories



Starter SNS   $17.00


Mini Haberman feeder $25.50

baby cup feeder  $5.00

tubing for PNS      $4.50

Single Deluxe pump  $102.00

Medela Freezer Bags  $9.50

10% cotton bra pads and laundry Bag  $6.00

Quick Clean Microsteam Bag $4.99

Maternity Support Belt  $24.99

Haberman  Feeder $25.50

Disposable Panties   $9.40

There Shells Breast Shells $10.00

Contact Nipple Sheild $8.00







Purely Yours with Backpack                                                  $270.00

Purely Yours Carrier All                                                         $225.00


Comfort Gels                                                                          $12.00/Pair


Breast Shells /Breast Shell System                                         $12.25/$18.00


Freezer Bags                                                                               $12.00


BabySafe Feeder /and refills                                                         $10.00/$8.00


Lunapads (natural menstrual products)                11.99 for the everyday liner up

to 22.99 for the largest, organic size pad


My Brestfriend Pillow                                                   $50.00


Reliv Classic and Energizer                                                 $64.00

Reliv NOW and Energizer                                                 $69.00

Spectracell Vitamins available


Coming Soon—books, and more




This list is what I have in stock most of the time. Items may vary. Prices might vary slightly. I might make some unintended errors on the website as far as price, but it gives you a close idea. I don't do internet orders. All sales through our office. Sales tax may apply on some items.  If you need items from one of the companies that I don't have in stock, I can order it with a 50% deposit. A minimum order may apply. Credit cards are not accepted at this time.





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