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Denise Punger MD FAAFP IBCLC

October Update

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This week we have begun to offer a brand new blood test called "Intracellular
Vitamin Analysis"
This differs from previous blood vitamin levels which reflect just the level of
a certain vitamin at that moment in time. This  blood test is an individually
ordered vitamin levels or a full comprehensive profile of vitamins and
micronutrients which reflect levels over a period of the previous 3-4 months. It
is covered by most private insurances and medicare.
Who can have this test? Anyone: Those sufering with arthritis, cancer,
cardiovascular disease, diabetes, fatigued, stressed, and depressed, or during
pregnancy, lactation, just to name a few.

I have always heard both sides of the story regarding vitamin supplements. How
necessary they are vs. just flushing through our system. I've heard various
things about store bought brands vs. organic vs. distributorship vitamins. I've
personally questioned the value of consuming giant bowl of fortified cereal like
Total and "supplements" like Ovaltine vs. a balanced diet. This test seems to be
be a logical way of knowing our baseline nutritonal status and finding out if
our interventions are working. Detailed easy-to- read results are available in
two weeks and repeat testing is offered in 3 months to assess if our diet or
vitamins are sufficient.

We are one of the first offices to offer this! We are a small office and we
don't have to wait for the CEO's approval or staff inservice. It is available
now. They have a website
for more information or call our office.

Since my last update about insurances the biggest change is that we are on
Humana as of October 1st. The current list of insurance plans is on my website.
Medicare, BC/BS, EMI (formally McCreary), Beech Street, Pregnancy and Newborn
Medicaid, Evolutions. Others are pending.

I have not heard anything from United Health Care despite our application. Our
office has filed a few claims as a courtesy and in each case they have done
something different: paid in network for some, out of net work for others. The
most helpful thing UHC costumers can do is call UHC and request they get us on
their provider list. From my end we have tried everything else.


It has also come to my attention that if you have a plan we are not on, but we
are the only one that provides that service, such as this vitamin blood test or
family practice/ lactation consultant you may be able to challenge your plan and
get pre-approval for one or two visits when the service isn't offered else
where. Our office can help you with this. It is really important to me that
especially with lactation issues no mother and baby are missed. I will go way
out of my way to get you in. I have always hated hearing, " I wish you were
around when I had my baby." Here I am. Able and willing to make a difference. If
for some reason there is a barrier you can't come to the office, please, get
help from from the various other resources in the community, LLL, WIC, the
hospital IBCLC's or Task Force.

When I was with Hobe Sound Medicenter, I know of a family that got BC/BS  HMO to
pay for medicenter visits to see me for their asthma and wheezing. A lot of
doctors can can treat asthma but this family  insisted that they got the best
care with me at the medicenter and they got the results they wanted from their
HMO carrier. As consumers you can speak out. You should speak out.

The October Mother to Mother is hot off the press and available in our office
and in various other sites on the Treasure Coast. Feel free to come by and pick
up a complimentary copy!


Your word of mouth referrals are most valuable. We appreciate you sharing news
from our office with your friends and colleagues. Same day appointments are
usually available. I strive to make these emails informative and interesting and
not-to-often. Thanks for your interest.

Denise and John and boys
Coquelet & Punger Family Medicine, P.A.
4640 South 25th St.
Fort Pierce, Florida, 34981

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Denise Punger MD FAAFP IBCLC
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