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Denise Punger MD FAAFP IBCLC
June 28--Update
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We are on schedule, opening July 1st. Actually, we are ahead of schedule, because John was going to start on the first and I thought I would lag behind a week to be available to handle the unexpected last minute administrative items. (There are still plenty of details to do no matter when we both start!)

We can see Medicare as of day one. The final word of approval from Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO is expected to come through any day. We are actually way head on our provider enrollment applications. It takes some physicians a year or more to get on plans. Remember we have done this all on our own!

We can file your out-of-net work PPO's for you. We are trying to be as accommodating as we can be. Anyone paying cash (or check) in full of the day of visit will receive a 10% discount on the office visit.

If I haven't answered question about insurance plans, direct your question to our office manager, Dee, at 466-8884 or email    This insurance thing is a specialty of its own, and Dee is staying in close contact with us to be accommodating in as many situations as possible as close our Grand Opening as possible. There are so many exceptions I am having a hard time generalizing the status of  the insurance plans.


As we get started we are taking walk-ins. Our office hours are 9- 4 for walk-in without appointment--with an hour for lunch.  


Directions: You can get to Midway Road a number of ways, US-I, Torino, Selvitz, I-95. Then go North on 25th Street, 0.4 miles. We are in White City Professional Park. We are all the way in the back # 4640.


John speaks Spanish (in-case you didn't know).


A plug for the Task Force and the Bestfed Breastfed Baby Photo Contest

The Task Force is accepting entries. See link for details

This is my 5th year being involved at some level.


We are not providing any e-mail consultation at this time. But common questions about the practice and services we offer, I will answer for all as time allows me to compose.


This e-mail is being sent to at least 75 recipients. Your referrals are valued.  Feel free to pass this along.




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