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Denise Punger MD FAAFP IBCLC
A thought About Vaccinations...
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A Few Vaccination Thoughts.

  1. William (8) and Scott (6) received all their vaccinations they would have needed to enter Kindergarten in Florida-- for the most part on-schedule. They received most vaccinations at the Martin County Health Department. A few of the earlier shots were given in the pediatricians office.

  2. David ( 16 months) is on a delayed schedule. His pediatrician actually suggested to me to start the series by six months since he is exclusively breastfed and stays home with me. (I liked that she tailored his needs to our circumstances.)He will receive the shots the CDC recommends by the time he is two. 

  3. I am concerned that to many parents get trapped by all the tabloid-like, nonscientific anti-immunization media to make an informed decision. And that they will not consider pursuing information in favor of immunization. Thus, they are really not making an "informed" decision. I recommend the books below. Then we will all be on the same page.

  4. I do accept children into my practice without immunizations or partial immunization. (You don't have to e-mail me to test me and *warn* me that you may not vaccinate.)

    And I would also recommend that the infant be breastfed exclusively six months, breastfeed for two-plus years, preferable three or more years, does not attend day care, AND does not live with smokers(even one who smokes just outside), ride in cars where smokers smoke or visit households where there are smokers.

  5. If you want to discuss your childs specific needs, I am happy to do so in the office.

  6. Be careful what you read. Immunization research is "in" and information is quickly outdated. Your resources should be very current. Some parents don't give vaccinations based on out dated sources. DTP is acellular, no longer cellular, and hasn't been for about seven years. Dithermal mercury also has not been used as a preservative in four years: Both have been used as common excuses not to give a vaccination that are no longer valid.

  7. As an adult, I have kept up with my adult immunizations for influenza, hepatitis, and tetanus.
  8. It is interesting to me the amount of families who have their health care paid for by a goverment program (ei... Medipass, etc...) and complain they can't find a health care provider to accept the fact that they won't vaccinate(follow government mandates). Think about it... go out of network and you may find your options are more.

Denise Punger MD FAAFP IBCLC


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