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Denise Punger MD FAAFP IBCLC
New -Update July 14, 2004
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As requested, this is the current list of insurance plans we accept:

United Health Care EPO (Other United Health Care pending)
Employees Health Insurance
BC/BS has approved us verbally and almost final (if that means anything) for
HMO, EPO, PPO, and Traditional greater than 16 years old. Traditional and PPO
for under 16 and I am not sure yet about HMO and EPO for under 16.
(addendum 7/18/04--It is so hard for me to sum up with finality about being on these plans. I am finding that people with good coverage ask me to do procedures and follow protocols that I know are not covered services under any plan. I am willing to do these types of things after an evaluation, but they will be out-of-network. I do my very best to let you know if a service is covered upfront.)

What takes so long to get on a plan?

First, each application is different. I had to find out what plans there
are, what their phone numbers are, and go through automated telephone systems to
request an application. In some cases I did not have all the information yet
that they requested of me (ei... incorporation number or address of business)
and had to call back when I had the info. I got frustrated after all the circles
I was caught in and hired an office manager to continue.

Second, it takes a long time on their side to review it once we mail it in. We
also made photocopies of everything and many applications require notary

Third, then they send contracts for what we will be reimbursed, what we agree to
do, and who can cover for us. All this takes a long time for us sort through. I
want to be sure that I don't have to compromise quality care to agree to "all
this." If I remain out-of-network by my choice, this is probably the reason.

Then, we still have to mail it in for the FINAL approval and signatures. This is
where we are with several of our applications.

We started the application process late January. We are filling out applications
for each of us AND the corporation. So that's three for each plan.

Awhile back CIGNA and Aetna told us that they had too many physician providers,
which means our applications are put on hold until their panels up again.

Others that are pending are EMI, First Health, Great West, Southcare, and
Medicaid. If I haven't listed yours, please call and ask. We want to know what
the need is in our community and what may be worth our efforts  pursuing... Many
have asked for TRICARE, so we are looking into it.

Health-care consumers can also call their insurance companies and request a
physician. Sometimes it helps the company to know that there is a strong demand
in the community and speed things up or re-open panels to new physicians.


On the lighter side, some fun activities and news

John is doing a local radio interview around the 26th of this month.  I'll
remind you a few days before.

I have had several stories and articles approved for publication in various
newsletters and journals and they should be available soon. (All this was
happening while I was moving and unpacking and filling out those insurance
applications) My article about "Dads and Bonding" it is in "Lactation Currents"
published by Florida Lactation Consultant Association this month (June issue):

I will let you know as the others come out.

Of course, the July "Mother to Mother" is available in our office; my favorite
place to have my stories and photos published!

Don't  forget the Bestfed Breastfed Baby Photo Contest. You can still enter
through July 26th for a chance to win cash prizes and photos will be on display
at the Treasure Coast Mall August 7th.

And a question for you--  I'd like to get the boys involved in soccer and/or Tae
Kwon Do and basketball later on.. If you got any suggestions, I would  love to
here them.

Again, thanks for the referrals and telling your friends about our Family
Medicine Practice.

Denise (and the boys)
Coquelet & Punger Family Medicine, P.A.
4640 South 25th St.
Fort Pierce, Florida, 34981

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Denise Punger MD FAAFP IBCLC
4640 S. 25th Street
Ft. Pierce, Florida, 34981
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