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Denise Punger MD FAAFP IBCLC
Update--April 23, 2004
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Coquelet & Punger Family Medicine P.A.
4640 South 25th ST
Fort Pierce, Florida, 34981

April 23, 2004

Dear Friends and Patients:

Our plans are moving along on schedule to open our office approximately July 1st. We will relocate and be local by the end of May.

Our provider applications to all the insurance carriers/Medicaid/Medicare are pending. I will let you know as soon as we been approved.

Dr. Milton Aponte, Cornerstone Pediatrics in SLW, has enthusiastically agreed to admit anyone 18 and under to Saint Lucie Medical Center for our practice. Several of you suggested I ask him first. I am encouraged by his co-operation. This leaves me free to concentrate on my skills in the office and maintain a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule [Hours may vary slightly for Tae Kwon Do Tournaments and Soccer season :)].

John will admit adult patients to Lawnwood.

We anticipate arrangements to have the hospitalists (physicians that specialize in hospitalized patients) at Martin Memorial to provide an alternative for adult patients who would rather be admitted there. Since our practice will draw from all over the Treasure Coast, I am glad that this choice and geographic flexibility looks like a reality.

John would describe his practice experience as specializing in adult chronic medical care including diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, thyroid disease, obesity/weight loss, and prevention. In contrast to my years of experience in urgent care, prevention, family, gyn, skin, and anything ís "different." Our skills overlap and complement. Another time I will elaborate more on the office procedures we do.

From afar I have stayed involved with community activities. Most recently is my involvement with the high cesarean rates/VBAC ban crisis in the area as well as nationally, and my ongoing contribution/editorship with "Mother to Mother" and leadership in the Treasure Coast Breastfeeding Task Force. David Stuart's Birth Story is in the current issue. This will be my fourth year to be involved with the baby photocontest that the Task Force sponsors as awareness and fundraiser. My website is fairly current (and a bit eclectic!) with details of all this.

For fun----Our son William (7) wants to work in our office as a lactation consultant-- I'd say he'Žs qualified! , Scott (5) want to baby-sit and provide companionship for kids in the waiting room. David (7 months) has a smile that can heal!

This may be forwarded and your word-of-mouth referral is appreciated.

Send all your comments and suggestions. Appropriately, we will pursued and answer them.



Mission Statement: To provide comprehensive family-centered care with an emphasis on prevention. We offer these services without regard to race, religion, creed, or gender in Saint Lucie County.

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Denise Punger MD FAAFP IBCLC
4640 S. 25th Street
Ft. Pierce, Florida, 34981
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