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Denise Punger MD FAAFP IBCLC
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To a patient wiith mastitis-- "you'll have to go to Publix and get a pump for your breasts for 24 hours."

Walking into a hospital room, I pulled the curtain to visit a patient. Her breast is exposed while she nurse--" Oh I am so sorry to interupt."
"We never refer for tongue-tie."
"Clipping a tongie-tie causes a dissorganized suck." [Clueless physician can't see that if the frenulum was clipped sooner, some of the suck, swallow, breath coordination problem may have been prevented.]

To my sister when she was nursing my 8 mo nephew while he wasdoing leg bends and lifting her shirt-- "If he can do all that, isn't it time to wean?"

William is about 1 1/2 years old. I say to my husband, "You know we probably know more about breastfeeding than any other doctor in the area, maybe even the state." "No way," he says, "Not as much as the OBs and Peds."
Breastfeeding is going well at a early routine check-up-- "Let me know when you decide to wean. We have all the free formula here  you will need." Now encouragement at all was offered.
At 30 weeks gestation second pregnancy-- "It is time to wean, you may have premature labor." I was still hanging in there at 41 weeks, having nursed all the way through this pregnancy.
A mother presents with white milk stains on infants tongue-- "This is thrush. You  must wean so you don't pass it back and forth." [This baby NEVER had thrush.]
At a six  month check up pedi tells mom, "According to the lastest research you should nurse for at least nine months." 

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