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Dear Dr. _________,                                      4/21/01

Thank you for seeing William on Tuesday for encopresis. Since the enemas and the "cleanout" William seems to be doing much better. He is having one soft poop a day on the potty each day with no accidents. His appetite has increased for a variety of foods. His stools remain soft and he has not needed any medication. Your office staff is very pleasant. Sorry I missed meeting Jeannie. She was very helpful on the phone.

However, I have something embarrassing to admit. I was quite shocked at your disapproval for my decision to allow William to decide when he will wean. To quote, you said, "It is time for William to grow up.and stop breastfeeding." My own health care provider has been encouraging of me to enjoy him, "treasure this age, they grow up fast" and she reminds me of all the health benefits to myself. Not to mention that breastmilk is nutrition, security, bonding, warmth, and love in Williams eyes.

William and I feel so strongly about the benefits of breastfeeding, I have made it an important part of my practice. I became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant last year. I recently became Chairman of the Treasure Coast Breastfeeding Task Force to show the community my commitment. I have prepared for these roles by being involved with the Medical Associates of La Leche League, the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, taking courses, and working with many families to overcome breastfeeding difficulties and adversities. All this preparation did not prepare me for when I was confronted with disapproval.

Attached is a copy of " A Natural Age of Weaning" by Katherine Dettwyler, PHD., and several sentiments that I have shared with well-respected breastfeeding communities on the internet. You will see that breastfeeding is a lot more than just providing newborns with nutrition.

I am dedicated to helping our local families successfully breastfeed. I enjoy working in collaboration with other health care workers. I invite you and your staff to join our Treasure Coast Breastfeeding Task Force discussion at

(Actually, I eagerly want to have more pediatricians as a part of this group.) If you dont go much for the computer, I would like to remain available to you, your staff, and patients to provide factual and up-to-date breastfeeding information. Dont hesitate to call me at work or home. I strongly encourage you to visit the resources that I have provided. Our community deserves pediatricians who are familiar with this information.




Denise Punger MD, FAAFP, IBCLC

Martin Memorial Medicenter of Hobe Sound

561-223-4940 (W)

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