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Denise Punger MD FAAFP IBCLC
I Could Not Breastfeed Because...
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"I could not breastfeed because...

I had previous breast surgery

I was expecting twins

Im too small

My nipple is inverted

My baby was premature"

"I did not breastfeed as long as I wanted because...

My nipples and breasts were sore

My baby had jaundice

I needed antibiotics

I suffer depression and/or chronic pain

My baby did not gain weight

My baby gained too much weight

My baby wasnt satisfied

My baby was allergic to my milk"


Unfortunately, mothers express these regrets too often. These myths are especially sad because none of them are valid reasons not to breastfeed. Fortunately, with good support all of these barriers to breastfeeding can be managed. In the past few years much has been published about overcoming what was once thought as reasons to-not-give the best nutrition possible to our babies. Our community has so much to offer expectant mothers with concerns about breastfeeding. A good way to start learning about breastfeeding is to attend a Le Leche League meeting before your baby is born. At a meeting you will have a chance to discuss your concerns with other moms. You will also have a chance to see babies breastfeeding. Unfortunately, most new moms have never seen breastfeeding. Specific medical concerns can be discussed with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, a health professional that specializes in breastfeeding. Ask your hospital or prenatal care provider to help you locate one. Other good sources of breastfeeding information may come from your childbirth educator. A doula can be with you to get breastfeeding off to an optimal start within the first hour of your babys life. It pays to be prepared. Find breastfeeding support before your baby arrives. Your baby needs your milk.



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